Sunday, January 19, 2014

Construction News...MORE Progress on New Kitchen Area

Here is a BEFORE picture, waaay BEFORE...

Before the Dining Hall had a screen porch in early 1990's.
The fence was to store cross county skis during winter camps.
In summer we had a vegetable garden in front.
Along the edge was a flower garden.
Yesterday they worked on the roof tresses and walls in the back area and it shouldn't be long before they have the whole thing enclosed.

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Construction News...More Like a REAL Building Every Day!

Here is the latest picture from yesterday...

They are working today to get the whole building "under roof" as soon as possible so they can pump some heat into it and start on the inside. They still need to put the back roof on. It is snowing so that makes everything harder.

Yesterday, the plumber was also working on the shower house. THAT should be done early next week and the plan is to pour the slab in the shower house on THURSDAY.

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Construction News...Elliott Lodge Walls!

Hey, the walls are starting to go up--I can actually see what it might look like! The -20 F temperatures and the snow has made the going slow.

FRONT--The two windows and door are framed in here.
BACK-Dining Hall Window Framed in
SHOWER HOUSE-Temp heat put in so we can start plumbing on Monday!
House In The Wood is operated by Northwester Settlement

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Summer & Spring Staff NEEDED

We are looking for staff!

  • 12 staff for Spring Outdoor Education Center
  • 30 staff for Summer Camp.

We are accepting application NOW. Go to our website to fill out an application at

We will be recruiting at colleges in January/February. Come talk with us.
Thursday, January 30--Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois
Summer Camp Job Fair 10am to 4pm.

Tuesdays February 4 and February 25--UW-Whitewater-Union
Mini Camp Job Fair from 10am to 2pm

February 18--UW-Stevens Point-Dreyfus University Center
Summer Camp and Recreation Fair 10am-3pm

February 19--UW-LaCrosse-Cartwright Center
Summer Job and Camp Fair 10am-3pm

Summer Camp Boating Lessons
Spring OEC Forest Lesson
Summer Camp Swim Lessons

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Construction News...Floor In

Floor over the shower house is almost done...they are working on it again today. And yes it IS cold out there! It will be dangerously cold Monday and Tuesday (-14 for a HIGH!) so they will not be working those days. I am sure they can't wait until it is totally "under roof"!

Jerry, J.R. and Greg are back together again to work with Ron Deschner, general contractor. This is the same group that did all of the construction at camp in the last 30 years. In the 80's it was Val's Office/House improvements, Hickory House, Nature Center, Racoons Cabin, Squirrels Cabin, and the White Pines addition. In the 90's it was the two mini cabins and shower house improvements. And then in the early 2000's it was the Vittum Lodge addition.

Jerry and Greg

Looking down into the new shower house.

Ron Deschner, General Contractor
House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement