Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NEW Program-Recreational Tree Climbing

Just started a NEW program at House In The Wood...Recreational Tree Climbing!
Join us for a day of hanging our in the trees.

We can run six lines up in the tree. Once up in the tree, you can climb as high as your rope, sit on a branch, stand on a branch, or even sit in a chair. We have two trees certified to climb--THE FIRST and WILT (named after Wilt Chamberlain). 

Our certified facilitator Curt Andrews who has over 20 years of experience in the tree business is our Tree Climbing Director. Our staff will help you with your harness and helmet. They will hook you into the rope and teach you all you need to know to climb up the tree. Call us at 262-728-2752 or e-mail at vwright@nush.org to book your fun now.

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Just Opened...New Outdoor Education Center

That is what most people say when they walk into our new OUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTER. As one our our new user put it "the website does not do you justice".

The Entrance to Our New Center
Downstairs--the Birdwatching Area with Bird Nest

The Classroom in the Trees

Our Herps--Turtle, Tortoise, Frogs, Toads, Snakes!

Our Nature Center with Interactive Things to Do

Our Stump Meeting Space

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement