Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rouse Cottage-New Lodging

What it will look like when it is done...

It should be completed in April 2015 or maybe even BEFORE! 
The building will have 5 bedrooms. Each bedrooms sleeps 4 people in bunk beds. 
It will have two restrooms with showers and a living room with a kitchenette.

A very BIG thank you to the Rouse Family for the donation.

House In The Wood

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NEW Program-Recreational Tree Climbing

Just started a NEW program at House In The Wood...Recreational Tree Climbing!
Join us for a day of hanging our in the trees.

We can run six lines up in the tree. Once up in the tree, you can climb as high as your rope, sit on a branch, stand on a branch, or even sit in a chair. We have two trees certified to climb--THE FIRST and WILT (named after Wilt Chamberlain). 

Our certified facilitator Curt Andrews who has over 20 years of experience in the tree business is our Tree Climbing Director. Our staff will help you with your harness and helmet. They will hook you into the rope and teach you all you need to know to climb up the tree. Call us at 262-728-2752 or e-mail at vwright@nush.org to book your fun now.

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Just Opened...New Outdoor Education Center

That is what most people say when they walk into our new OUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTER. As one our our new user put it "the website does not do you justice".

The Entrance to Our New Center
Downstairs--the Birdwatching Area with Bird Nest

The Classroom in the Trees

Our Herps--Turtle, Tortoise, Frogs, Toads, Snakes!

Our Nature Center with Interactive Things to Do

Our Stump Meeting Space

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Five Months Later--New OEC Building

Building finished in TWO weeks!
Furnishings installed in TWO weeks!
Our Herps-Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Toads and Frogs in THREE weeks!
Giant Bird Nest in FOUR weeks!
AmeriCorps & Volunteer setup help in FIVE weeks!

DONOR DEDICATION for Board Members on Thursday, October 1.
OPEN HOUSE for general public on Saturday, October 17 from 1pm to 3pm.
EDUCATORS WORKSHOP with supper on Saturday, October 17 from 3pm to 6pm. RSVP HERE

Pictures NOW...
Front of OEC Building

Back of OEC Building from SW

Back of OEC Building from NW

Program Office

Boys Restroom--one of four restrooms

Herps Room--snakes, lizards, frogs and toads

Gathering Room (Back Wall has video screens)


Downstairs-Nature Activity Area

Downstairs-Gathering & Astronomy Room

PJ's Patio

View of Campfire from Deck

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dedicate NEW Pat Jaszka Meeting Center

We had a special celebration for Pat Jaszka prior to our annual Board Day to dedicate the NEW meeting center named for her and gifted by her family. Ms. Jaszka was a long time employee of Northwestern Settlement where she was responsible for emergency services and summer camp registration. Many of our former campers have credited her with keeping them out of the gangs in their neighborhoods because she sent them to camp for the summer.

The Meeting House will be part of the complex that is being built for the LIT's (Leaders In Training Teen Program) during the summer. This will be a place for the LIT's to meet for their sessions on camp skills and life skills during the summer. It will also be their "hang out place" as all teens need a safe place to hang out. The other part of the complex is the lodging building named Rouse Cottage that is due to start construction in September 2015 and be finished in Spring 2016. More about that building as it is being built.

Here are Pat Jaszka's grandchildren posing in their special day light blue tee shirts in front of the building that will be gutted to become the Pat Jaszka Meeting House.

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Remodeled Cabins! They are so NICE now!

We have finished THREE cabins and we are working on the other two cabins now. When we are done, we will have SEVEN year around cabins with heat and toilets. Until this remodel, during the Winter months we had only two year around cabins--Raccoon and Squirrel. Our other five cabins lost their heat and water during the cold weather from November to April. This brings our year around capacity to over 70 plus staff. This is what we have done...

New Curtains, Cupboards and Mattresses
Central Heat and Air Conditioning

New Doors, Add Charging Station, New Bulletin Boards
New Electric--it can carry the load!
New Sinks, Mirrors and Bathroom Wall and Floor Tile

New Toilets, Enclosures and Curtains

Better Lighting and New Floors

Watch us as we continue with our MASTER PLAN!

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement, Chicago, Illinois. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

House In the Wood at Conferences!

We have been exhibiting about our outdoor education center for two years at education conferences in Wisconsin and Illinois. We have been to:
  • Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS)
  • Illinois Science Teachers Association (ISTA)
  • Illinois Principals Conference (IPA)
  • Wisconsin Science Society of Teachers (WSST)
  • Wisconsin Middle/High School Principals (AWSA-Association of WI School Administrators)
  • Wisconsin Elementary School Principals (AWSA)
  • Wisconsin Education Convention (Wisconsin School Board Association-WSBA)
JUST ATTENDED: Wisconsin Education Convention on January 21 and 22 2015
NEXT CONFERENCE: WSST on March 5 and 6 2015
ALSO ATTENDING: National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) but NOT as an exhibitor. We will have a prize drawing for anyone who spots my tee shirt during the conference and ask for a prize ticket.
Terry Exhibits at the Wisconsin Education Convention in Milwaukee
In our booth, we have a drawing for a classroom size outdoor education bag, stuffed animals of camp, a magnifier with kool stuff to view and FREE dragon fly or tree frog magnets IF your give us your contact information. We also offer a FREE seasonal newsletter of outdoor lesson ideas for the schoolyard. And, of course, a hands-on activity--make your own tree cookie name tag,

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement, Chicago Illinois

Job Openings-2015 Summer Camp

We have summer job openings for counselors. We need eight AM counselors and eight PM counselors. We are looking for counselors who have the following activity skills: swimming, boating, nature, camping, cooking/baking, arts and crafts, performing arts and sports. We are also looking for staff who may have other activity skills they can share with children.

We are also looking for "LEAD COUNSELORS" for PM counselors and WATERFRONT.

We have a Health Support Position as well.

We start June 8 with staff training (waterfront starts June 1) and end August 17. Roughly every other weekend is off.

Apply online at www.houseinthewood.org

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement, Chicago, Illinois.

Job Openings--Spring OEC

Spring Outdoor Education Center
We have job openings for THREE weeks in April for trail leaders and cabin counselors. These staff work with third graders who are having their FIRST experience with outdoor lessons at House In The Wood.

The dates are:
Staff Training-April 6-11
Week 1-April 13-17
Weekend OFF
Week 2-April 20-24
OFF April 24 when finished with paperwork and cleanup

Apply online at www.houseinthewood.org

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement, Chicago, Illinois.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NEW Outdoor Education Center

Our new Hall Outdoor Education Center--looks like it will start happening soon! We hope to break ground in February and complete construction in Summer. Here are the concept pictures...

The entry view from the driveway in front of the office.

The view looking up from the boating area.
We will have TWO floors. The top floor has the animal room--snakes, turtles, frogs, toads, lizards. It will also have a classroom and program office. The bottom floor has the exhibits and storage. Each floor has restrooms and water fountains.

House In The Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement, Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trail Blazers & LIT's Perform at Camp Benefit

Watch our very own teens perform LIVE at our House In The Wood fund raising event. This is an original production written by the talented people from Adventure Stage Chicago from material gathered from our House In The Wood campers.

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Summer Sessions 2015

These are the summer sessions for 2015:

Session 1--June 22-26  
Teens; Horseback Riding 1; Horseback Riding 2; Performing Arts Camp.
Session 2--June 29-July 10
Children 7-12; LIT* Orientation (ages 13-17)
Session 3--July 13-24
Children 7-12; LIT* Continued (ages 15-17)
Session 4--July 27-31
Summer Adventure Camp
Session 5--August 3-14
Children 7-12; LIT* Junior Counselor (age 17)
Session 6--August 14-17
Family Camp

*Leader In Training

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement

Monday, January 5, 2015

Camper Registration Starts January 5

Camper Registration start JANUARY 5 for House In The Wood at Northwestern Settlement, 1012 N Noble, Chicago, Illinois.

To register, follow these easy steps:
  1. Contact Lilliane Webb at 1-773-969-5579 or lwebb@nush.org for an appointment. Lilliane has taken Nathan Puckett's place as Recruitment Manager. 
  2. Go to Northwestern Settlement at 1012 N Noble, Chicago, Illinois to choose your session, fill out your paperwork and get your parent manual.
  3. And that's it! 
Fees are the same as last year. Scholarships are on a first come basis.

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement