Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dedicate NEW Pat Jaszka Meeting Center

We had a special celebration for Pat Jaszka prior to our annual Board Day to dedicate the NEW meeting center named for her and gifted by her family. Ms. Jaszka was a long time employee of Northwestern Settlement where she was responsible for emergency services and summer camp registration. Many of our former campers have credited her with keeping them out of the gangs in their neighborhoods because she sent them to camp for the summer.

The Meeting House will be part of the complex that is being built for the LIT's (Leaders In Training Teen Program) during the summer. This will be a place for the LIT's to meet for their sessions on camp skills and life skills during the summer. It will also be their "hang out place" as all teens need a safe place to hang out. The other part of the complex is the lodging building named Rouse Cottage that is due to start construction in September 2015 and be finished in Spring 2016. More about that building as it is being built.

Here are Pat Jaszka's grandchildren posing in their special day light blue tee shirts in front of the building that will be gutted to become the Pat Jaszka Meeting House.

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