Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rowe Outdoor Classroom Starts Soon!

This year we have THREE weeks of Rowe Elementary School outdoor education sessions.

Our third, fourth and fifth grade will visit for ONE whole week each. Monday through Thursday are full days of outdoor lessons in everything from conservation to insects, forest to aquatic creatures.

Each grade has different lesson plans although they may have similar topics.

The whole point is to explore and learn through that exploration. To ask questions and find answers RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES!
Sometimes we have "experiments" that last from year-to-year. The fourth grade does a conservation experiment--they pull garlic mustard and then come back the next year to the same site. Is there any difference?

On Friday, we will leave for Chicago. BUT before we turn south, we will go on a Field Trip. Third grade will go to a working farm and learn about gardening, goats, and crops. Fourth grade will usually do a "Time Machine" visit to a nearby nature conservancy but THIS fourth grade already did that in third grade. So they will also go to the farm. Fifth grade will go to "Old World Wisconsin" where they will see how they did things in early Wisconsin.

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