Friday, December 27, 2013

Construction News...Inside Drawings of Elliott Lodge

Here are the inside drawings of Elliott Lodge...

The entire building is climate controlled so it is heated and air conditioned. When done, we can easily seat 120 INSIDE. We could always seat 120 but some had to sit on the porch which was chilly in the early and late season. The pink area on the following drawings is the addition.

Watch for more construction photos--things should start happening fast now that the concrete footing and walls have been poured.

 We now have TWO shower sides--boys and girls that can be converted to ONE large shower area. Each shower stall has its own dressing area. The showers are now year around and don't shut down in the winter as they had been doing.
Bottom Floor with the Showers
Here we have knocked down the existing toilets so that we have one big room for the dining area. We have added new bathrooms with extra stalls. The kitchen has extra storage and an office area to store the paperwork that is required for the kitchen.
Top Floor with the expanded dining space and the extra kitchen area.

House In the Wood is operated by Northwestern Settlement.

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